GOLDEN SKY LINKS Ltd. was established and registered in 2013 with its main office located in Erbil, IRAQ. Over the past period, Golden Sky Links was a part of strong and healthy market trust through supporting customer focused Trading & Internet Services via engagement in supplying of different materials and items to the local market and involved of providing internet services to customers, importing and exporting various products around the world that has ultimate role in our daily living. Read more


Our staff is licensed and certified professionals have long tenures in the tower construction business. GSL has been heavily engaged in the analysis, design and construction of masts and towers ever since the formation of the company in 2002. Read more
Hosted PBX Services: A complete solution: Integra’s Hosted PBX Services provide you with a full enterprise-level solution at an affordable monthly price. With Integra’s Hosted PBX Services, you get a complete solution.Read more
We are official partners with APC for any power related. Whether you are planning, building, or operating a data center, GSL has the expertise and services to support you throughout the many phases of the power life cycle.Read more
We have years of fibre optic cabling experience in a range of industry sectors. We offer fibre optic cable installation, design, repair, termination and maintenance services with expert Fusion Splicing and OTDR testing servicesRead more
Wireless Connection via Point –To- Point: Through the use of a Point to Point wireless; you can have a broadband Internet connection that is designed to operate over Fiber Optic for large capacities Read more
Whether in an existing business environment, or a new office development, we will work with your IT Professionals, Office Administrators or Electrical Engineers to provide you with a top performing voice and data network. Read more
GSL utilizes an infrastructure and established expertise to keep companies protected, whether we’re hosting their solutions, monitoring their security or developing their disaster recovery plans. We can improve your efficienciesRead more
GSL provides Systems Integration services to customers with complex technology or security requirements. Our sales engineers have broad expertise in security & IT technology and experience in configuring camera systems to their maximum potential.Read more


You can select from comprehensive range of walkie talkies and portable two-way radios to suit your business requirements. GSL Company Ltd. Is registered for the Partner Empower™ Program. Subject to meeting product access requirements, our companyis officially entitled to sell the following products and solutionsfrom the Motorola Solutions Technology Segments:
GSL is a reseller and marketplace distributor of the Desktops, PCs, Keyboards, mice, video cards, Printers, or any other computers related items from known global sources; GSL keeps an extensive stock of current peripherals and items. Whether customers need supplies, the items and accessories we stock includes hard drives, RAM, video cards, network cards, wireless cards, wireless routers, LAN switches, USB cables, Ethernet cables, and much more. As well, we are offering IP Cameras, Video Analytics, Video Management Systems, Enterprise Access Control Systems, and IT infrastructure solutions.
GSL is pioneer supplier for all ranges of telecom products and provide solutions fit with the customer requirements. GSL is an authorized ISP since 2013. We provide businesses packages with different portfolio of telecom products & services. From the supply of P2Ps, Repeaters, Signal boosters, Telecom towers, mobile solutions, VHF/HF products, SAT phones, Inmarsat, Thuraya, landline PBX & calls, broadband products, fiber broadband, telephone systems and vehicle tracking Solutions.
GSL Company delivers combination and customized solutions of required technologies, SOHO/industrial parts services, calibration and innovative IT services and solutions. We are focusing on the specific needs and requirements of each individual customer and provide the right and suitable solution that delivers maximum outcomes. GSL provides outstanding quality services and solutions that produces measurable and sustainable results.
We supply the instruments, equipment and material procurement and provide service to the oil and gas industry throughout IRAQ and KRI. We are working for oil and gas companies and we have partnership with leading suppliers and manufactures of best practice standard engineering and supply materials in this field. We can procure and ship all equipment and material used for the exploration, drilling, production and oil product disciplines or any others based on clients’ request.
GSL has a section and a special crew of supplying the construction materials and services. GSL can supply long rage of the superior construction products. GSL is capable to supply, design and perform construction projects with high standards to meet the client requirements and needs. Import and distribute sustainable building products, materials and construction techniques.
• Standard modular design and manufacturing of different kind prefabs and caravans.
• Light steel structure, very security, Eco-friendly, economical, efficient, and comfortable housing solutions as per the customer requirement and desire.
We are supplying the local markets with an effective, affordable and quality textiles in big quantities. We consider our customers challenges to their environment and diversity requirement. We are dedicated to supplying each customer with required textile solutions that answer their situations and requirements.
GSL is a wholesale of the auto and vehicle spare parts. We are importing the genuine and original auto spare parts from well-known resources for global brands and manufacturers to the local market. Supplying of spare parts for passenger cars, vans and trucks, quality-tested, robust, durable and tested items. GSL has a partnership with many global vendors and distributors around the world.
Provides all ranges for gasoline and diesel generators. Many product lines from known brands are in the stock. GSL can supply a wide range of generating sets, from 8 to 2000KVA, custom-built units for various applications and climates. GSL is a partner to supply from different vendors and manufacturer like Perkins, Cummins, GS-Wilson… Etc.
GSL specialist in the Food & Drinks industry trading, GSL supplies food products to the local markets, catering and leisure trade which includes: Oriental, Indian, Italian, Fast food, Restaurants and Takeaways. Considering of transporting and stocking the items in suitable and proper way is our main priority in this field.
GSL has specialist electrical engineering team to designing, developing and install high voltage power supplies. Our engineers are highly experienced in the manufacture standards of a wide range of high voltage power supplies, high voltage equipment and high voltage components.
We can supply wide range of Low/high voltage power supply units, power plant items and units; supply from the well-known resources like Schneider, ABB, GE and Siemens.
GSL has a huge selection of home daily used items and products to supply the local markets. GSL support the local partners and maintain their stocks of the supplies and provide the market with good quality items, GSL is ready to supply the followings:
• Paper
• Envelopes
• Office Supplies
• Office Machines
• Computing and Printing
• Printer Consumables
• Facilities Management
• Catering
• Janitorial
• Furniture
• Print and Design
GSL is leading cabling structure, Fiber Optic and Electric Cables product wholesaler and distributor in IRAQ and KRI since 2013. GSL supply products and items including all UTP/STP/FTP Categories, RG-59, RG-6 coaxial cable, Fibre Optic cable, OptiPRO cable, Fibre patch cord and other related cabling products 3M, RDM, Leviton, Cisco, Legrand and many others. We provide a total structured cabling solution ready to serve customer needs in any cabling situations. GSL has always a ready stock of all kind of cables to fill-full the market needs. We can support big/huge projects and fill the project requirement of cabling and the needs.
GSL supply and distribute wholesale clothing, handbags, shoes and other merchandise obtained directly from official distributors and major stores of known brands and models to the local markets. We have a long list of wholesale products and items.
GSL is trading in qualified cellphones, computers, video gaming, and other electronics. We are instrumental in, trading, distributing, wholesaling and supplying of high quality smart Mobile Phones. Our mobile phone is available in variegated sizes and specifications as per the demands of our esteemed clients.
GSL is an importer for all kind of instruments and machineries from well-known and good names companies. We have a technical team to design, install and operate any standard or customized machines.
GSL is a leading Security, Smart Solutions and IT Systems Integrator present across local markets, providing turnkey solutions to local clients. We own teams for designs and deploys next generation security and technology infrastructure. Our teams are capable for all aspects of Security and IT systems design, integration, installation and maintenance. This make us a single point of contact for turn-key solutions to our end users.
GSL is an official partner and distributor of ELKOEP smart home and automation system product and services for IRAQ Market. GSL offers a carefully selected number of high end smart home & automation products to clients and customers, GSL provide continuous technical sales, support, design and engineering for most sectors.
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