GOLDEN SKY LINKS Ltd. was established and registered in 2013 with its main office located in Erbil, IRAQ. Over the past period, Golden Sky Links was a part of strong and healthy market trust through supporting customer focused Trading & Internet Services via engagement in supplying of different materials and items to the local market and involved of providing internet services to customers, importing and exporting various products around the world that has ultimate role in our daily living. It was established Feb, 2013 and registered in the Chamber of Commerce in Erbil, Iraq under #1266 with a title of “ General Trading and Internet Service Provider” as LLC company. In addition of the other part and branch of the company of Golden Sky Links that is working as authorized Telecom & Internet Service Provider we are a trading company for the following products:

  • Internet service support products and advanced technology solutions
  • Telecommunication and Wireless Products
  • Mobile and Smart Phones
  • Smart home and automation solutions
  • Fiber Optic and Cooper Cablings
  • Electric and High Voltage Cables and accessories
  • Electric and Solar Systems/Power Management
  • Mechanical and Construction Products
  • Food and beverage
  • Automotive products and spare parts
  • Industrial and Machinery
  • Lubrication and Oil/Gas products
  • Textile, Shoes and garmen
  • GPS solutions and SAT based Applications

GSL is the authorized and legally internet services provider and internet service application based for KRG

GSL is the authorized agent and distributor of many products from the each of the above mentioned. Has well know global partners and vendors.

GSL is owned and managed by Technical Team, Managers and Engineers have many years of experience in products and services of Advanced Technology, Mechanical, Electrical, Constructions, Oil/Gas, Lubrication, Power management, Textile/Garments and … Etc.

GSL is a successful trading house with extensive experience acquired over the years is supplemented by reliable supply sources and trustworthy customer base to meet the challenge of the current business contests.

We have been involved in supply & support to both private and public sectors in the following markets:

  • Public and Governmental Sectors
  • Humanitarians and NGOs Environment
  • Automotive industry
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Construction Sites
  • Oil & Gas Industry