GSL provides Systems Integration services to customers with complex technology or security requirements. Our sales engineers have broad expertise in security & IT technology and experience in configuring camera systems to their maximum potential.

Systems Integration Overview

  • Configuration of NVR/VMS software & IP cameras to interface with other security or IT systems
  • We work with IT, Security, Facilities, and other departments to understand project scope and plan installation
  • Integration typically performed remotely by, but local partners are available as required

Core Competencies

  • CCTV to IP Video Migration
  • Mobile / Remote Viewing
  • Wired and Wireless Network Design
  • Integration with IP-enabled Access Control & Alarm Systems
  • Large Project Expertise: Multi-location Retail, College Campus, Stadiums, Bus Fleets,

Wireless Network Design

  • With the continued evolution of Wireless Networking technology, you now can easily and inexpensively install high resolution IP Video cameras at almost any line of site location.
  • Our IP Video experts specialize in the design of Wireless Networks optimized for HD IP Video Systems.

Security Wireless Networking Services

  • Design of complete wired and wireless network for your camera system
  • Evaluation of your current network topology & equipment
  • Planning for video stream bandwidth, environmental factors, and future expansion
  • Includes quote for all equipment & cabling needed to
  • Pre-configuration of Wireless equipment and Cameras in our Lab
  • Makes installation quick and easy
  • Pre-Configuration of cameras with IP addresses and firmware
  • We also design wireless networks for non-surveillance applications