We Believe
■ Respect for people and human rights is fundamental to our Responsible field approach. Compliance with laws and regulatory requirements is a must.
■ Maintaining an effective security function is critical to the protection of GSL For Telecom Services Ltd. people, product, assets and reputation.
■ Security is an important factor in the future growth and development of the company.
■ Effective security controls, standards, policies and procedures contribute to the safety and protection of employees as well as the communities in which we operate.

We Promise
■ To treat all people with respect and dignity, and to be guided in our approaches and actions by the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.
■ To provide the security expertise and resources required to develop a safe and secure working environment.
■ To establish security strategies, plans, standards, policies and procedures to support achievement of GSL For Telecom Services Ltd. business objectives.
■ To identify and manage risks effectively,with a focus on preventing
security incidents.
■ To be prepared to respond to incidents with appropriate and tested
response plans.
■ To establish programs that protect employees, company assets and
shareholders from loss from theft, fraud, and other inappropriate
■ To investigate and analyze security incidents, to take appropriate
action and continuously improve.
■ To operate in accordance with the laws of the local and countries
where we do business.
■ To maintain a high degree of professionalism, knowledge and
integrity among security staff with appropriate recruiting, training,
resources, and contracting procedures.
■ To use proven technology to increase the reliability and efficiency
of our operations.