VoIP and Audio Solutions

  1. Hosted PBX Services:  A complete solution: Integra’s Hosted PBX Services provide you with a full enterprise-level solution at an affordable monthly price. With Integra’s Hosted PBX Services, you get a complete solution with distinct services and features, plus the added advantage of greater flexibility to add features and seamlessly make changes to meet the dynamic nature of your business.
  2.  VoIP &SIP : The Voice Service is meant to be used together with GSLservers. It allows you to secure all your voice calls between your location and our servers. We provide the service through IP hard phone like a Grandstream or Cisco phone. All data sent between your location and our server will be fully secured..
  3. Conferencing : You can have your own conference calls 24/7 using your business account. Its fast, easy and the price is right. Anyone from anywhere in the world can call your conference. You can configure any or all of yourInternational or domestic personal numbers to forward to your conference call. You can even schedule at what time during the day or specific days in the week that your personal number will forward to your conference. The conference will always be available when you need it. The conference participants pay for their call to your personal number. Their call can be free for them if you are providing a toll free personal number for them to use.
    Your conference call can be protected with a PIN code. All conference settings are available in your admin center under the ‘conference’ link.

Technicians have received extensive training to quickly help get your Laser Printers working properly.

Most common service issues can be avoided by scheduling a preventative maintenance service call which includes cleaning and installing original OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts on regular intervals. Preventive Maintenance can greatly reduce the amount of printer related down time as well as reducing the overall number of printer failures each year