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  • Cutting the cost of the middle man
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  • Wide range of services and equipment to fit every budget
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Government licensed Telecommunication, Security System and General Trade from Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Regional Government

Since 2008, GSL has built a reputation on the Telecommunication & Networking Services on QUALITY, SERVICE, and DEPENDABILITY.  Our goal is to provide our customers with solutions that will meet their needs today and in the future


Market Leader:
GSL Internet maintains and controls a system of multiple high-speed direct connections to the Internet backbone. Our international bandwidth requirements are augmented by upgrading Euro and Middle-East fiber optic and satellite links.

These multiple direct-links to the global Internet backbone provides high-speed and reliable access designed to meet the rising demand for information and communication requirements in the national and global arena.

Leading Edge Technology:
GSL Internet is synonymous with leading edge technology. It utilizes the latest in technological innovations with high-end equipment by Cisco, Foundry, Ascend, Mikrotik and others. We also maintain the ideal world standard ratio of lines per customer. We continue to add capacity to our network as our customer base grows.

GSL Internet & Convergence
The convergence of broadcasting, telecommunications, and the Internet is inevitable. GSL Internet’s corporate affinity to the major players in the industry gives it an absolute leading edge in spearheading this new technological and information revolution. The future is in GSL

LAN Telephone System

In addition to all telephone exchange features provided by circuit switch PABX and Analogue telephone systems; Our systems not provide voice answering system, voice mail recording system and detailed call billing (CDR-Call Detail Records) system, numbering plan, e-mail and voice mail (Unified Messaging) integration, call restriction (barring) and diversion functions according to the time of the day, as optional or on different PC’s as in other exchanges, but as standard functions within the system

Network Services

GSL provides installation and maintenance services for networks and our services which we offer are brand independent. We aim to keep satisfaction level of our service s at the highest level and we respond to the demands of our customers to increase their work quality.

Brand Independent Services

We provide our customers with turnkey delivery services of office cabling, installation of leased lines, providing data, sound, video, and IP Telephony communication for remote offices by using TDM, ATM, F/R spines over Turk Telekom network, besides using communication via radio frequency. We also provide installation of network devices, integration of installed systems to existing systems, monitoring and reporting of the systems that are being or have been installed. Following installation, we perform maintenance with periodic maintenance agreements and technical support services with the support of our trained technical personnel spread throughout the country

As the IT network sector is a sector which constantly renews it and which is always subject to changes in terms of technology, we permanently upgrade and restore technical abilities of our personnel to provide a higher quality of service for our customers.

Network Cabling Services    

GSL is the leading company since establishment in the field of structured cabling.  Whether your requirements are VOICE, DATA, VIDEO, FIBER OPTIC, WIRELESS, and SATELLITE, our staff of well-trained professionals is here to ensure a quality installation. Certifying the network site with Fluke testing    


GSL team of engineers are capable of designing, engineering, supplying, installing, testing and commissioning of various system integrated solutions to meet specific demands and implement respective projects for their clients. Our engineers are endowed with abundant knowledge of the latest state-of-the- art technologies of the satellite and communication systems, which enable them to satisfy the clients in all aspects.

Our engineering and sales teams are also capable of outsourcing whatever equipment/systems the clients need from the manufacturers around the globe.

GSL’s highly qualified Engineers led by Project Managers are involved with the design and project implementations of projects having one or more of the following disciplines: SMARTTV, CCTV, Access Control & Time Attendance, Audio/Video Interphones, Security Systems, Structured UTP/STP Cabling, Fiber-Optic Cabling, Public Address Systems.
All projects are met and achieved in accordance with contracting standards and specifications. Our project team prides itself in the client relations established over the years.